Russell Maret, 2012.

Designed and printed by Russell Maret.

Published in an edition of 110 copies.


Most people in the fine press world know the name of Russell Maret and are fully aware of the impressive, immaculately produced editions that he has created. Although I don’t have the funds for the majority of his works, his smaller projects tend to be affordable, and the first of these I saw was a copy of A Meditation in Rome shown to me by Michael Taylor (one of the nicest fine press book dealers you’re ever likely to meet), at a book fair in Cambridge. It’s a handsome book, expertly printed in two of Russell Maret’s own type designs, onto Hahnemühle Biblio mould-made paper in an edition of 110 copies (of which ten are proofs). Needless to say, I was most taken by it and, as a result, it was taken by me – home, in a bag! It is a fascinating essay on historical honesty in type revivals, and if general history and type history do, or don’t, relate. That, and the fact it is exceptionally well-designed and printed make it a standout recent addition to my library. It certainly deserved being chosen as one of the 50 Books of the Year by the AIGA and Winterhouse.



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