Simon Armitage



Andrew J. Moorhouse, 2014


Designed and printed by John Grice at Evergreen Press, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, UK, for Andrew J. Moorhouse, Rochdale, UK.

Published in an edition of 75 standard copies, 26 de luxe copies and 7 presentation specials.


This is the follow up to the publishers’ first book, In Memory of Water (also in my Books of the Moment list), and a fantastic follow up it is too. Designed in a very similar fashion to In Memory of Water, it certainly looks the part and, as with its predecessor, the content is also superb.

Featuring a small collection of poems from Simon Armitage commemorating the first World War, each illustrated with a large wood engraving by Chris Daunt, this publication makes for a most special book indeed. The poetry is some of the finest I’ve read from Armitage and the engravings are the best I’ve seen from Daunt. As with the previous book from this publisher, it is a fine example of everything that’s good in modern fine press and should not be missed.




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