Designed by Giovanni Mardersteig, 1946-1952


This handsome font in the Aldine tradition is one of the handful of types designed by one of the finest printers and typographers of the 20th century, Giovanni Mardersteig. It was originally cut for hand composition by the famed punchcutter Charles Malin between 1946 and 1952, and intended for private use at Mardersteig’s Officina Bodoni. Then, in 1957, Monotype adapted it for machine composition.

The specimen to the right is Monotype Dante.


A couple of fine examples from the shelves:


Dana Gioia


Ex Ophidia, 1986

Designed and printed by Richard-Gabriel Rummonds at Ex Ophidia in an edition of 90 copies.

This beautiful edition from the master printer Richard-Gabriel Rummonds is hands down the most beautiful showing of Dante that I own. See my entry for it in Books of the Moment.


Margaret Beardsley


The Bliss Press, 2009

Designed and printed by John Grice at Evergreen Press for The Bliss Press in an edition of 150 copies.

This immaculately printed volume from John Grice features  the unusual choice of setting the body text throughout in italic. Few full texts, barring poetry, get set in anything other than roman types these days, so this makes a refreshing change. As Dante has such a beautiful italic this makes for a particularly attractive page, especially with the subtle impression in the heavyweight Somerset mould-made paper.



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