Designed by Emery Walker and T. J. Cobden-Sanderson, 1900


This wonderful revival of the type designs of the 15th century venetian printer Nicolas Jenson is my favourite proprietary typeface from the late 19th and early 20th century private press movement. Created for the sole use of the Doves Press, the Doves type shone on the pages of its publications.


The specimen to the right is a digital revival by Robert Green.


A couple of fine examples from the shelves:


J. W. Mackail


Doves Press, 1901

Designed by T.J Cobden-Sanderson and printed in an edition of 300 copies on paper and 15 on vellum.

Any item from the Doves Press, of which the Doves type was the proprietory typeface, makes for a fine showcase of the type, as all were beautifully set and printed using it. This small book is favourite on my shelves.



Doves Press, 1903-1905

Designed by T.J. Cobden-Sanderson and printed in an edition of 500 sets on paper and two or three on vellum.

The most impressive use of the Doves type was in the five-volume edition of the Holy Bible that the press published. Although I don’t own a copy I am fortunate enough to own a handful of leaves from a disbound set. These, which have a much larger page size and text block than other Doves Press books, are enough to quite clearly show the beauty of the type in this most monumental of settings.



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