Designed by Jan van Krimpen, 1938


As a metal typeface, Haarlemmer is extremely rare and seldom seen due to it never having being released. A mere handful of trial founts – in one size only – were ever cast, and I know of only two printers that have used it. It was not deemed a success, particularly by its designer, and was never completed. I disagree regarding the supposed failings, and think that the metal Haarlemmer is a bold and intriguing design.

The type has since been expertly recreated digitally by Frank Blokland as part of the Dutch Type Library’s ongoing Jan van Krimpen revival project. Using Jan van Krimpen’s original drawings as the basis for his work, Frank Blokland created a subtly amended version of Haarlemmer that fits more with how Jan van Krimpen would have intended it.

The specimen to the right is DTL Haarlemmer.


A couple of fine examples from the shelves:


Paul Dehn


Gruffyground Press, 1997

Designed and printed by Sebastian Carter for the Gruffyground Press in an edition of 175 copies.

As Haarlemmer was never released, and only made available in a handful of trial castings, items set in it are rather thin on the ground. This little chapbook makes for a lovely taster. I am hoping that now Haarlemmer exists digitally more items might appear, printed letterpress from photopolymer plates.


Sebastian Carter


Rampant Lions Press, 1998

Designed and printed by Sebastian Carter in an edition of 70 copies.

Another slight item beautifully printed in this metal rarity. And it’s rather amusing, too!



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