Designed by Hermann Zapf, 1962


I have always been very fond of the type designs of Hermann Zapf. I love the chiselled forms and slightly squared curves inherent in many of his types. Of them all, Hunt Roman is my favourite.

Hunt Roman is a rare beast, for it was commissioned as a proprietory typeface for the Hunt Botanical Library. A handful of presses have held founts of the type, but it has never been made commercially available, nor has it been digitised. This is a shame, as the world at large will not likely come across this exquisite typeface. Fortunately for me, I have a select few items printed using it. Most are from the Rampant Lions Press and The Old School Press, so not only do I actually have examples of Hunt Roman in print, but they also happen to be exceptionally well printed.


A couple of fine examples from the shelves:


T. S. Eliot


Rampant Lions Press, 1996

Designed and printed by Sebastian Carter in an edition of 206 copies.

That this is a Rampant Lions Press book should already tell you that it is going to be a fine example of whatever it is set in. Well, this exquisite edition of Eliot’s Four Quartets is quite simply the finest example of Hunt Roman that I’ve seen.


Hermann Zapf & Jack Werner Stauffacher


Pittsburgh Bibliophiles, 1965

Designed by Jack Werner Stauffacher and printed by Davis & Warde Inc., Pittsburgh for the Pittsburgh Bibliophiles in an edition of 750 numbered copies, of which numbers 501-750 were for the Hunt Botanical Library.

It might not be as luxurious a volume as the Four Quartets just mentioned, but this immaculately printed book about the creation of the typeface that it is set in is nonetheless a most handsome showing of Hunt Roman.



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