Peter Scupham


Gruffyground Press, 2016


Designed and printed by John Grice at Evergreen Press, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, UK, for Anthony Baker at Gruffyground Press, Sidcot, Somerset, UK.

Published in an edition of 40 copies.


Here we have a new piece by my favourite poet, printed in my favourite typeface by one of my favourite printers, and published by my favourite fine press. I think it went without saying that it would appear in this section. It might just be a four-page, single poem chapbook in the eyes of some, but Leonie’s Garden really is a lovely item indeed. Besides, I happen to be generally very fond of chapbooks, as my Gruffyground collection clearly shows.

The poem itself is just beautiful, and is as fine as any among my favourites written by Peter Scupham. I am, it has to be said, more than a little jealous that I didn’t get to published it. But then if I had, I would have wanted it looking very similar to this, so I’ve saved myself a lot of money on publication costs whilst still having an item on my shelves in the form I’d have wanted it. Design-wise, it is actually based on – at the publisher’s request – the size and layout of my own Chestnut Press publication of Scupham’s Indian Summer, which is a huge compliment. It is also the first letterpress appearance of my Romanée Open typeface, which takes the letterforms of Romanée Titling and introduces the open style of Lutetia Open. Various amends were required for use at this small size, so the letterforms presented here are bespoke to this publication.

Leonie’s Garden is well printed on Barcham Green Penshurst for the text and Saint-Armand for the cover. Both are handmades of the highest quality and are wonderfully tactile. From the poem to the materials, this is a superb little item to nourish the senses.

And as if the published edition wasn’t nice enough, I was allowed a couple of special out-of-series copies on vellum printed with variant covers of a gorgeous pale lavender version of the Barcham Green handmade used for the cover of Gruffyground’s first Scupham publication Natura.



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