My ten favourite type designs


You’d think that with such a vast number of type designs available, picking ten that I find really special would be quite simple. Not so. You see, I have no particular liking for the majority of types I see and use, and those left that I do like tend to be only that; just a ‘like’. For me, they don’t have that extra something that makes for an enduring, classic, or downright beautiful typeface.

My taste – quite narrow I’m afraid – is for humanist and old style designs, particularly inscriptional-looking types and those that have a strong calligraphic influence. There is no getting away from the fact that I am extremely precious about letterforms (bordering on font snobbery), so picking ten that I really love was actually rather difficult. But I managed.

Going through my choices, a penchant for the designs of Jan van Krimpen will clearly be evident. I know this may well make for a less engaging list, but my selection is about personal favourites, not about showing a broad ranging typographical taste.

Clicking on any of my choices listed below will take you to a new page where each has a brief write-up. They are not aiming to be particularly informative; I just wanted to write a little something to accompany each choice. If you are curious to learn more, there is a wealth of in-depth information available in books and on the internet.

For each entry I’ve also listed a couple of pieces from my collection that I think are particularly fine examples of the typeface in question. You may find it worthwhile looking out some of the volumes listed.


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