Peter Scupham


With a wood engraving by Peter Reddick

Gruffyground Press, 1978


Designed by Kim Merker and printed by his students at the Windhover Press, The University of Iowa, Iowa City, USA, for the Gruffyground Press, Sidcot, Somerset, UK.

Published in an edition of 225 copies (with an additional 225 copies in a variant hardcover published by the Windhover Press).


As far as fine printing goes, this booklet was my first love. It’s the first fine press item I ever saw or owned, back before I even knew what fine press was. When I picked it from a shelf in the author’s home (who I happened to be staying with for a weekend) I couldn’t stop looking at it. I just stood there, joyfully turning the pages without really understanding why the book was so special, yet at the same time seeing and feeling that it was. Peter later kindly presented it to me, and almost instantly it became one of my most treasured possessions. To this day it still is, and nothing will ever displace it from my top ten.

It had immediately grasped my attention through its simple beauty, both textually and physically, and single-handedly got me into reading poetry and, eventually, collecting fine press.

Scupham is my favourite poet, and this small collection is my favourite of his works. Elegantly designed, and set in my favourite typeface – Jan van Krimpen’s Romanée italic – this little booklet is a perfect example of how a slight item can hold its own against larger fine press ‘heavyweights’.



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