Phil Madden and Paul L. Kershaw


Grapho Editions, 2013


Designed and printed by Paul L. Kershaw at Grapho Editions, Ripon, Yorkshire, UK.

Published in an edition of 100 copies.


Only the second publication from the extraordinarily talented wood engraver Paul L. Kershaw’s fine press, but what an exquisite book! This faultlessly produced edition is one of the finest creative’ letterpress books I’ve seen. The level of thought and attention to detail that so clearly went into the design and making of this little book is inspiring. It is so hard to even begin to describe it that it’s best if you just take a look at the slideshow of images found at the link below. Even then it won’t come close to the reality of a copy in your hands. But then that’s always the case with any fine press book. It’s just that this particular one is so intricate that only a good, hands-on study of it will reveal how superb it is.

And should you visit Kershaw’s website, take a look also at Wings Take Us, which was the first book from Grapho Editions. This was the previous collaboration between Phil Madden and Kershaw, and like Paths it is quite exceptional.




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