Bram De Does



De Buitenkant and Spectatorpers, 1991


Designed by Bram de Does, with the letterpress parts of the book printed by him at Spectatorpers, Aartswoud, Netherlands, and the offset litho parts printed at Jan de Jong, the in-house press at De Buitenkant, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Published jointly by De Buitenkant and Spectatorpers in an edition of 500 standard copies and 30 specials.


I had been after this book for quite a while – without any success – when Jason Dewinetz of Greenboathouse Press very kindly sent me a copy as a gift. It is a wonderful piece, written, designed and immaculately printed by one of the finest typographers and printers of his generation; Bram de Does, at his Spectatorpers in the Netherlands. The fact that the subject text is in Dutch – a language I don’t speak – doesn’t stop it from being a very special piece in the slightest. It is a particularly well judged little book, serving as a fine showcase for the author’s typographic, printing, and type designing skills. The text (which I now actually have a translation of) is mainly centred on De Does’ love of Romanée, his ideas on type design, and the creation of his Trinité typeface, designed as an alternative when asked to recreate Romanée for photo-composition in the late 1970s.

The first half of the book has been printed letterpress (mostly in Romanée) by De Does, while the second half, showing various specimens of Trinité, has been printed offset litho by Jan de Jong. I would usually be less than impressed at the use of offset in a fine press publication, but as Trinité wasn’t made for metal composition, it was the best choice to clearly and accurately show the type. And I have to admit that the results are impeccable.



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